Axie Infinity (AXS)

axie infinity

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum blockchain network. It uses Proof of Stake algorithm and is designed as a stable coin. It aims to solve issues related to volatility in crypto assets. It is also a decentralized exchange platform. It allows users to trade digital currencies without the need of third party services.

While it may seem like an extremely expensive game, it is also a relatively cheap way to become involved in NFT investing!

How exactly is Axie Infinity Played?

The core game has two modes: adventure mode and PVP mode. The player goes through each level one by one. iEach time the player wins, he gains experience points. The player needs to replay earlier levels to increase his experience points. He gets limited energy points per day to spend on either the Adventure mode, or the player versus player mode (PVP).

Energy is used up when playing matches. There is a limit to how much experience players can gain. After reaching this limit, players won’t get any experience points. However, they can still play games. They can also earn smooth love potion or SLP as a reward for winning.

Players can choose to stop leveling their Axies, and use their energy in PvP mode instead. This allows them to earn more SLPs by defeating other players.

Axie Infinity and PVP

The players’ three Axies each have four skills represented by cards. At their core, it’s a mix between Pokémon and card games. Each round, players are randomly given the cards that their Axes possess. How a player uses these cards depends on the cards they’ve been dealt, what cards the other team thinks they’ll be playing, how much energy they have, and how much energy they think the other team has.

The energy points used within the game are different from the energy points system referred to that can start a match. In this game, the goal is to kill the enemy players first. Each card has a attack and defense rating, along with a litany of other status effects such as poison and stun. The attack rating of each card is a number showing the amount of hit points it can take away from the enemy, while the defense rating shows how much more hit points it gives back to the player.

Players consider different factors when planning an attack and defense. Sometimes it is better to use all your strongest attacks, other times it is better to poison or stun opponents, and sometimes it is better to not attack at first and save energy for a stronger attack later. Sometimes it is a mental game. You want to make the opponent think you’re going to do something else, then you go ahead and do it instead. Your skills in juking and bluffs and managing which cards to play and which to hold back can affect whether you win or lose the match.

It’s very engaging, and you need to be locked into your opponent’s game. You should be careful about counting the enemy’s cards and energy points.

Picking your Alpha Axies

You need 3 axies to start your journey. You can get them by buying them from the market or by mining them yourself.
Each Axie costs about 20 eth, which is equal to about $20 USD.You should always get the most expensive version of any product you’re considering buying, because you’ll be spending more money than someone who isn’t as concerned about quality.
This is true even if you’re not earning anything from the purchase.

The last stand

Last stands are crucial parts of close matches. In a last stand, an Axie gets one to four turn bars depending on its morale. When all turn bars come up, the Axie goes down. An enemy Axie can either kill the Axie or do nothing.

Card games are great! You can play them online or offline. There are many different types of card games. Some people prefer playing cards with friends while others enjoy playing them alone. People have been playing card games since ancient times. Today there are many different kinds of card games. In this game, you can choose your character and battle against other characters. This game is similar to Pokemon Go.

The blockchain elements, which we will discuss in another article, make this game unique right now in other gaming landscapes. The card game is also pretty accessible, which is often a positive thing for any game looking for growth in its player base. And the size of its player base matters a lot for PvP games – too few players, and you’ll have trouble finding a match, but if there are enough people playing, then you should be able to find opponents quickly. This isn’t the case with Axie, however.

How to download Axie Infinity APK For Android?

You can visit the official website to know how to download Axie Infinity apk file. If you don’t know how to install apps on android devices, you can follow our guide below.

Steps To Install Axie Infinity Apk File On Android Device:

1) First, open the browser and type “” on the address bar.

2) Click on the link to download the latest version of the app.

3) Once downloaded, click on the icon of the game itself.

4) A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to allow installation of the application.

5) Allow the installation by clicking on the button labeled “Allow”.

6) Now, wait until the process completes.

7) Finally, launch the game once installed.

8) Enjoy!

9) You can now enjoy Axie Infinity game on your device.

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