Binemon (BIN)


What is Binemon (BIN)?

Binemon is a virtual world in which players can collect and trade eggs. Eggs hatch into a character or item. Characters and items can be traded to other players. Players can also fight in PvP mode and earn cryptocurrency rewards. The game is set in a comic-like universe with monsters called “mons”. Monsters are collectable non-fungible tokens. Players can explore the endless open-world landscape and hunt for AMB, the in-game resource that upgrades and powers their monsters.
Binemon has reached more than 140 thousand users since its launch in October 2019. The game is still in development phase 2 (Prometheus). The roadmap includes 10 phases that will be completed every two months.

Why is Binemon Unique?

Binemons are cute creatures that you can collect to help you fight monsters. They come in many different types and each type comes with 5 different classes. You can buy these pets with BIN tokens. Your pet fights alongside you in battle.
A Mon is an individual character who lives in the world of Final Fantasy Tactics. He or she is born with different abilities, but can improve them over time by leveling up. Each character has 8 different body parts, 3 primary stats, 5 equipment stats, 2 skills, 7 ranks, 3 forms, and 4 types of evolution’s.
There are many games out there. This one is different from them all. It is a new kind of game that is based on blockchain technology. You can buy or sell your pets and collect rewards.
How Many Binemon (BIN) Coins Are Currently Out there?
The total supply of BIN tokens is 1 billion tokens. 4% was distributed on the ICO, 40% was distributed in IDO, 6% was reserved for the game developers, 15% was vested to the developers for 1 year, and 5% was reserved for airdrop and IDO fees.
BIN token can be used to buy Eggs, which produce Mons NFTs, and Ambrosia NFTs, which provide Stamina.

Is the Binemon (BIN) Network Secured?

Binmon is a BEP-2 token on the Binance smart chain. Binmon uses a proof-of-work consensus algorithm. Binmon’s blocktime is 2 seconds. Binmon’s gas fees help save costs on player’s activities and transactions. Binmon’s smart contract and darK privacy protocol bring “privacy on demand” and customization. Also, Binemon uses a “smart contract” that allows players to customize their gameplay experience.
Blockchain Security Coin (BSC) is a cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum platform. It uses Proof Of Stake consensus algorithm. 21 validators are chosen every day by lottery to validate transactions and maintain the integrity of the network. To become a validator, you need to stake BNB coins with BINANCE.

The Binemon (BIN) Game itself

Bineland is a vast world filled with surprises. There are lots of different things to do there, including farming, buying, selling, and bidding for lands. Buy land using real money. Sell land to other players. Bid for land. Invite your friends to join your guild. Conquer lands together.

Test your skill

Each boss has different strategies and attacks. You need to learn how to defeat them using the least amount of resources possible. Bosses usually have high stats, but if you use the right combination of Binemons, you can win the game. Binemons are needed to make money. Ambusias obtain the most demanded commodity of bineland.

Where Can I Download the Binemon Android Game?

The Binemon NFT Android Game App can be downloaded on Google Play

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