Top 5 Android Crypto Games

Top 5 Android Crypto Games

Cryptocurrencies have become an entirely new asset class. There are lots of different ways to invest in cryptos, but mining is still the most common method. People who want to generate crypto can play blockchain games or even crypto games.

Here are top 5 crypto mobile android games that anyone can play to earn cryptocurrency on their cell phone free.


CryptoPops is a simple puzzle game that gives players the chance to earn cryptocurrency. The game is easy to play and doesn’t require too much effort. Players can use the coins they’ve earned to buy items or even withdraw them to an external wallet.

How To Play:

1) Tap the screen to move the ball into the goal.

2) Try not to let the ball touch any walls.

3) When you get three stars, you will be rewarded with cryptocurrency.

4) You can also collect coins by tapping the screen when you see a coin icon.

5) Coins can also be collected by shaking your device.

6) If you tap on the coin icons while playing, it will give you more coins.

Bitcoin Solitaire

Bitcoin Solitaire is a fun game that gives players an opportunity to mine cryptocurrencies. It stands out from other similar games because of its fast pace and unique interface.

Some in game features:

1) You can also unlock special power-ups by collecting certain types of coins.

2) You can also purchase extra lives using real money.

3) You can also purchase additional balls for faster gameplay.

4) You can also purchase special power ups for extra points.

5) You can also win coins by completing levels.

6) You can also unlock additional levels by earning coins.

7) You can also earn coins by watching ads.

Alien Run

Alien Run is an interesting puzzle-platformer game that requires players to match tiles together to solve puzzles. Players also need to collect coins along the way. This game is fun and addictive, and it has lots of levels and challenges.

Some in game features:

1) You can also unlock special levels by collecting all the coins.

2) You can also play this game for free without spending any money.

3) In order to make the game easier to play, there are two modes available:

7) You can also win additional coins if you complete certain tasks.

8) You can also unlock special levels by completing achievements.

9) You can also earn extra coins by watching ads.

10) You can also earn coins by inviting

7) You can also earn coins if you complete other tasks such as watching videos or completing surveys.

8) You can also purchase special power-ups for extra points.

9) Your progress is saved so you don’t need to start all over each time you play.

Bitcoin Pop

Bitcoin Pop is a very similar to Crypto Pop, but this one allows you to redeem Bitcoin instead of other cryptos. Given the high value of Bitcoin, it would take an extremely long time to get enough worth transferring to your Wallet. Most bitcoin games here pay out small amounts of Satoshi, but they do add together if you have an awful a lot of patience.Crypto mobile games you can use. Get out there and grind. Understand NFTs – A revolution for gamers and esports.

BitCoin Bounce

Bitcoin Bounce is a fun little game about collecting tickets to enter a daily lottery for crypto. You get points for each ticket you collect, and if you win, you’ll be rewarded with some crypto. This game is a little different from most other games because you can actually earn crypto instead of just getting it. The only downside is that you need to spend real money to buy tickets.

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The app is pretty simple. You can choose between three difficulty settings (easy, medium, hard). Each level consists of several rounds where you must bounce the ball off the walls and avoid hitting the blocks. If you hit a block, you lose a life and your score goes down. When you reach zero lives, you fail the round.


Once you’ve installed and started playing these crypto games, you’ll enjoy them. There are three main benefits to playing this game: you’ll learn about cryptocurrencies, enjoy the game itself, and earn some crypto coins.

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